Women’s Temperance Union

Members of the Temperance Union
Members of the Temperance Union

Hello Forest County Residents!

The photo in this week’s blog features members of the Women’s Temperance Union. The City of Crandon was a dry city when it was first founded by Samuel Shaw because of his strong religious beliefs. The Shaw family was very involved in the building and running of the Presbyterian Church, the first church in Crandon. But the Temperance Union, a women’s group , were responsible for continuing the tradition of keeping saloons outside of the city limits. This photograph courtesy of the Forest County Historical Society had an inscription on the back that read ” as many  women as possible were enrolled by leaders, children were enrolled. These girls were enrolled by the old woman”. The only person identified in the photo is Estell Bach Davis (girl on far right). The Women’s Temperance Union was a strong force in the City of Crandon and maintained a large following by enrolling their children at a young age.

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