Homecoming Celebrations

Homecoming Parade Float
Hello Forest County Residents!
I hope all the high school students around the county are enjoying the homecoming festivities. Homecoming week has long been a tradition throughout the country. It began in universities around 1910 and spread in popularity until it was a staple of every students’ high school experience (www. active.com). Featured in this blog are photos from Crandon’s homecoming of 1957.
The festivities were described in the 1958 yearbook:
” The fun started homecoming eve with the snake dance and went full blast to the end of the homecoming dance, the official end of the festivities. We had the usual roaring bonfire and coronation in the gym, and something new this year. Since the homecoming was centered around the Golden Anniversary of Crandon High, the guests of honor were living members of the graduating class of 1908. They each gave a little pep talk at the coronation ceremonies,  and were given seats on the 50 year line at the game. Game day was a brisk, sunny day,a perfect day for both parade and game. The parade was long and quite beautiful with 30 floats. Although we lost, the game was a good one. Then, to top off the homecoming, there was a beautiful dance, with Queen Glenda Adams and King Dale McKee”.
Football Game
Homecoming Coronation

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