The Night the Lights Went Out in Crandon

Hello Forest County Residents!

We all know that city budgets can be tight especially in small towns but at least we don’t have the monetary issues that past Crandon residents had to deal with. According to the April 20, 1939 edition of the Forest Republican, so many community members did not pay their real estate taxes that the city was forced to turn all the street lights off. The city was to remain in darkness until some funds flowed into the city treasury. The budget for that year was $29,000 but only $17,000 was received. The city was not able to keep all of the money they had received they had to turn $4,000 over to the grade school and $4,000 to the high school. The city was in “tough financial straits for the next year” (Forest Republican 1939).

Crandon around the time of the blackout
Crandon around the time of the blackout

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