Marie Davis Recollection on The Great Depression

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This week I was given a packet of interviews done by Mrs. DiMartino’s 7th grade Social Studies class in 2008. The students choose senior members of the community and asked them questions about the Great Depression. I am going to share with you a sample  of the interview done by Ronnie Krueger speaking about Marie Davis.

“Marie Davis was 10 years old when the stock market crashed. During the Great Depression money was scarce. To save electricity, Marie’s family would put candles o the Christmas tree. Marie’s family was one of the more fortunate families. Her mother was very good friends with a woman who got oranges from Florida, so they got fresh oranges. They only ate half an orange per sitting. Her father was very good friends with a man who worked at a creamery, so they also always had butter. They were also lucky in that they were one of the only families in the neighborhood with a radio. Her father would always make the family be quiet whenever President Roosevelt would come on the radio. She said her father absolutely adored President Roosevelt. He campaigned for him his second term. He once told Marie that Roosevelt, ” Pulled the nation together” (Krueger, 2008).

If anyone of the teachers at the local schools would like to do a similar project in their classrooms this year please let me know . The Crandon Public Library is always happy to facilitate kids with the opportunity to be involved in local history.

Fourth of July Celebration. Marie Davis is the woman in the white hat.
Fourth of July Celebration. Marie Davis is the woman in the white hat.

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