Happy Hunting!


Hello Forest County Residents,

Good luck to all of the hunters hoping to bag that big buck tomorrow! Looking back in the paper, The Forest Republican, I found out that hunting conditions were less than ideal in 1942. The first five days of the season there wasn’t any snow and  increased fire danger so people had a difficult time spotting the deer. Then the second half of the rifle season was met with a blizzard with a foot and a half of snow falling in a day. Many of the hunting parties had to dig their way out to the main highways with several people stranded until days after the season ended. There were farmers with tractors hired to tow cars out of hunting areas. In 1942 people were only allowed to hunt bucks; spikes and does were illegal to shoot. Here are some of the men that were successful in killing a deer that year: Bob Baker, Charles Walker, Frank Sturzl, Armond Bartz, Elmer Pfeiffer, Ed Korbas, George Palmer, Sam Plummer, Jim Wilson, and Alfred Kalkofen. There were two women that killed a buck: Mrs. William Ratliff and Mrs. C.K. Warbritten. If you have a great deer hunting story please feel free to share!

Check out this buck Dr. Ison shot
Check out this buck Dr. Ison shot


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