Crandon Legionnaires Whipped Green Bay Packers

Hello Forest County Residents!

In honor of the Green Bay Packers starting their season this weekend I have a bit of history that brings the beloved Green Bay Packers to Crandon, Wisconsin. The local basketball team challenged the national football team and came out victorious! ¬†According to the February 27, 1936, Forest Republican ” Playing their best brand of ball in over a month, the Crandon Legionnaires easily trimmed the Green Bay Packers 53 to 26. After the first few minutes the football stars never had a chance. The locals shot the ball around the court fast and accurately. The Packers just off the football field having returned from the west coast, were inclined to be a little rough at times. However, they played pretty good ball but showed weakness in shooting baskets. The winners pulled up at the end of the first round with a 21 to 3 lead and at the half the score stood 27 to 8. The third period Crandon leading 36 to 15″.

The players included:


  • Milt Gantenbein
  • Arnie Herber
  • Johnny Blood
  • Roger Grove
  • Al Rose
  • Hank Bruder


  • Guy Krumm
  • Tony Wapp
  • Ralph Jolliffe
  • Elmer Pfeiffer
  • Jack Kronschnabl
  • Ed Flynn
  • Bob Lambie
  • Harry Hanson
Crandon Legionnaires
Crandon Legionnaires

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