Amanda’s Weekly Archival Discovery

Hello Forest County Residents!

This week’s archival discovery reminded me that no matter what time period someone lived in we still hold commonalities that come with human nature. I came across the guest register book for the Park Hotel in Crandon formerly owned by Osborn and Poppy which was located on Madison Avenue near the courthouse. The book had the signature and address of guests from 1886- 1895. It was fascinating finding out that some visitors came from as far as London England! The signature that made me smile was the one by Wild Bill from Big Horn in 1888. Even in the 19th century people found it funny to leave false names in hotel guest books! I hope you think of this post next time you spot Anita Bath or Amanda Huggenkiss in a register book


One thought on “Amanda’s Weekly Archival Discovery”

  1. The register solves a long-standing Crandon mystery. Frank Crandon, the city’s namesake did, in fact, visit Crandon! Lots of interesting info in that book.

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