Amanda’s Weekly Archival Discovery

Hello Forest County Residents!

This week’s discovery was found by the Crandon Public Library Director, Michelle, so if you see her let her know you appreciate her research skills. The find was old FBI case files from 1909-1921 detailing the rumors of anti-American sediments among the German immigrants that resided in Forest County during the time of World War I. Two secret service men were sent to Crandon to investigate these claims but only arrested one man for proclaiming:

” The Kaiser would have a gun big enough to wipe England off the face of the earth, and then the United States would have to look out, for the Kaiser has shown them all where to get off at. The Kaiser ought to be praised for what he had done and that he never declared war on the United States and that is was alright to sink the ships because the United States had no business to stick their nose in it”.

For his crime of carrying on with public enemies of the United States the pro-German man was taken to Milwaukee and forced into military service.

It is a great surprise that the United States Secret Service would send men to investigate Forest County for anti-American sentiments! This county can be very exciting at times!

fbi case files 2


fbi case files

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