What Happened This Week in 1905?

Hello Forest County Residents!
According to the Forest Republican the following events took place this week in 1905:

  • The Lutheran people were about to purchase a new organ for their church
  • Dr. S.M.B Smith of Wausau was in town Tuesday shaking hands with old friends . He was here for court matters.
  • Dr. Decker had decided to open a hospital in his house
  • The new locomotive purchased by Page and Landeck Lumber Company came Tuesday morning. It ran around the spur and side tracks “like a little daisy”
  • Professor W.C. Hewitt of the Oshkosh Normal School came to Crandon to give a free lecture on “Common Sense Education”
  • Jas Walsh’s brother and mother were here again this week, his brother was going away Tuesday

I encourage the community to visit the Local History Room at the Crandon Public Library where all of the local newspapers are available on microfilm. It is interesting to learn what was going on in the lives of ordinary citizens of the county and it fascinating that the newspaper editors chose to print it. Can you imagine what the paper would look like today  if they published it every time someone became sick or went on vacation?

Crandon Hospital established in 1905
Crandon Hospital established in 1905

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