Introducing TreeRings!

The Crandon Area Historical Society is excited to announce the release of the first episode of our local history podcast titled Tree Rings, produced and hosted by Isak Drangstveit and Bryce Marshall.

This premiere episode features the story of the 1918 Spanish flu and its impact on Forest county residents over a century ago. Hosts Isak and Bryce share with listeners the research they conducted on the Spanish Flu outbreak in Forest County and the key players involved in the prevention of the spread of the 1918 flu. As part of their research, they interview historical society member Jackie Aszman regarding some of the stories she uncovered while conducting her own research on the pandemic. Finally, Isak and Bryce interview current members of the Forest county Board of Health to gain insight into the similarities and differences of the two pandemics in Forest County.

3 thoughts on “Introducing TreeRings!”

  1. Lots of information and knowledgeable input from persons involved in the healthcare profession. Thanks to Ms Aszmann for research too.
    The best part is that there are young students willing and able to give their time and efforts to study and share our past.
    Can’t wait for more topics.

  2. Very Interesting !! Good information and input from our community health care leaders!
    Well done Isak and Bryce!!

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