Forty Nazi Prisoners at Long Lake

Hello Forest County Residents!

In honor of the the 70th anniversary of D-Day invasion during WWII I have attached maps and photos published by the Forest Republican right after the troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. I also came across an article from the Forest Republican that details one way in which Forest County was affected by the invasion. In June of 1945, forty Nazi prisoners were sent to peel bark from pulpwood in Long Lake. The Nazis served with Hemmel’s African Corps. Eight guards and a lieutenant were in charge of the prisoners who were working for Nekoosa Edwards Company. The prisoners operated two peeling machines which removed most of the bark from the wood. The remainder of the bark had to be removed by axes.  They were housed at Bernie’s Hotel with a guard patrol in the front and back of the building at night. They received regular prisoner of war pay but they were not furnished with cigarettes only tobacco. The Nazis prisoners only worked in Long Lake for a few weeks.




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