Hotel Crandon Sold First Legal Beer After Prohibtion

Hello Forest County Residents! For the next few weeks I will be featuring stories about The Hotel Crandon to prepare everyone for the big event on February 21st. I encourage everyone to purchase tickets at the library for:”Take a Step back in Time: The Hotel Crandon’s 85th Anniversary”. There will be authentic 1930’s food, drinks, […]

Enjoy the Christmas Gift of Historical Knowledge

Merry Christmas Forest County Residents! Today I found a few advertisements from the December 1939 Forest Republican newspaper trying to get county residents to spend their Christmas dollars at the local establishments. Many of the gifts for women have not changed over the years such as: perfume or manicure sets. But the majority of the […]

Twenty-Five Rural Schools in Forest County

Hello Forest County Residents! This week one of my volunteers, Sally Lyons, discovered a news article in the Forest Republican from May 26, 1938 that listed the eighth grade graduates from twenty-five  rural schools in the area. Thanks to Sally’s great eye for historically significant information we now have a  list  of  rural schools in […]