Amanda’s Weekly Archival Discovery

Hello Forest County Residents!

Check out this neat photo of Mrs. Stuart’s 2nd grade class sitting outside of the school. I wonder if it is their first day of school?

[courtesy of the Albert and Hazel Carrier Collection]

The children pictured in the photo are:

Zora Carrier, Grace Bioardface, Elve Butlger, Vivian Rennie, Todd Hazel, Tray Palmer, Annie Webber, Viola Rosell, Lola Cahoe, Eliane Miner, Angeline Crowell, Donald Todd, Jack Hammerberg, Frederick Carter, Harold Hansen, Cecil Shark, Norman Larson, Elferd Tisher, Clarence Johnson, Kermit Ison, Winford Campbell, Herbert Jose, Randolph Maxon, Thomas Fielding, and Billy Oestrack

Does anyone know what school this is?

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