Amanda’s Weekly Archival Discovery

Hello Forest County Residents!

Papers thought to be lost forever have been found! Before today there have been no copies of The Forest Republican from the year 1924. The reason for this is rumored to be because there was a big scandal in the City of Crandon that year and the town officials wanted to cover it up. Now we have two copies from January and one from February but no mention of any shocking events. Even if there were not any earth shattering revelations in the newspaper it is still a very interesting archival document because it really paints a picture of the way people were living at the time. Some of the news to make the front cover of the January 17th  edition included:

  • “Injured in Fall!”- E.A. Gruentzel escaped with several bad bruises and a sore back when he fell down the cellar steps at his home Monday evening.
  • “Warns Farmers of Foreign Seeds”- Wisconsin grown seeds more suitable for climate
  • “Buys Snowmobile”-Dr. G.W. Ison received a new snowmobile yesterday and declares it to be the real way to travel during the winter months
  • “Mole Lake News”-The pupils at the Mole Lake School have been finishing their portfolio for the Junior Red Cross this week. It is to be sent to some school in a foreign country

These are only a few of the fascinating articles. I could read the older newspapers for hours! I encourage everyone to check out the newspaper collection at the Crandon Public Library to learn more.


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