Amanda’s Weekly Archival Discovery

Hello Forest County Residents!

This weeks discovery is not entirely archival it would be categorized partially as a museum discovery. I visited the home of a lovely Laona resident that had entirely too many treasures in her house that she had to share with the Forest County Historical Society. One of the objects is very fitting for this time of year as the high school football teams begin their practices and as the Packers start their preseason. She donated a 1946 Laona Kelly football jersey worn by Wilmer Kramer! As you can see there is a remarkable difference from the attire of football players during the 1940’s from today’s high school athletes. I delved into the Crandon Yearbook archival collection to find a photo of the Crandon team during that time to see what the jersey would look like on a player. In 1946 Laona Kellys defeated the Crandon Cardinals 19-0 lets see what happens in 2013!


Crandon Cardinals 1946


Laona Kellys jersey 1946

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  1. Way to make use of our historical collections at the Crandon Public Library! How cool to know the score of a 1946 football game & to have one of the jersey’s used in that game!

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